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Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.Ansel Adams

Before each of us had the ability to read and write, we were all shown visual imagery in order to make connections between information that we understand and information that we want to learn. Further in our development, we continuously use imagery, charts, tables and graphs to better describe our message to the audience. This need for visual aid is also incredibly important when considering web design. Not only does this help customers understand the exact service that you are able to provide for them, it can also be used to create a personal relationship between the customer and service provider by showing your products, how they are created and the way that they are meant to be used.

In addition to the user, search engines also pick up on the use of visual imagery and value pages with different types of content. For this reason, having visual content will help in the Search Engine Optimization of your website, allow for better search rankings in sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, reveal the aesthetics of your products, and ultimately have great benefits for your website and business.

There are many ways to find suitable visual imagery for your website: photography, drawings, infographics, charts, etc. Many websites offer the option of ‘stock photography’, meaning that you browse a gallery of ready photos and choose those that you deem suitable for your business. Companies such as Getty Images, Corbis and Sipa Press are examples of large stock photography outlets whose photos you are able to search from, pick and use on your website in exchange for a license and licensing fee. While these services often provide a cheap alternative for hiring professional photographers, they have the disadvantage of not being unique to your website and can be found on other parts of the web. Users tend to notice the use of stock photos; therefore using specifically tailored photography for your website will give site visitors an authentic experience, and offer them a means to see the true value of your dedication.

At Atlas Web, we also strongly believe in the power of visual aid through real life imagery. This is precisely why we offer a commercial photography service tailored specifically for you. With years of experience in various types of photography (as available for your viewing in our gallery), our team will consult with you about the exact requirements of your website and organize a photo-shoot to create professional and high quality photography that represents your business. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, our photographer can visit your restaurant; assess the best possible field of view and capture your space in a glorious still shot. Alternatively, if you have an online shop that sells kitchen utensils, we are able to meet at your location to photograph professional and artistic shots, I.e. close-up shots of individual items, or a table layout with the utensils laid out.

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